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For the unadopted/private roads in Badgers Mount. Road Fund History

Central Auto Centre - Green Street Green MOT
Central Auto Centre, Green Street Green - Orpington Tyres - Orpington MOT

The 54th AGM of the Road Fund is scheduled for Friday 6th March 2020 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.

The Badgers Mount Road
Maintenance Fund

The roads within the maintenance fund are:

Badgers Road
Highland Road
Johnsons Avenue
Milton Avenue

The current contributions to the
Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund:

Basic for household: £40.00
Additional payment for each regularly used vehicle
: £30.00

Officers of the Fund


Roger King 
Gordon Plumb
Dianne Wills

Tel: 534214
Tel: 534279

Road Representatives

Badgers Road
Highland Road
Johnsons Avenue
Milton Avenue

Olive Came
Richard Ruston
Dianne Wills
Maureen Simmons


Repairs to Highland Road - July 2002
Repairs underway in Highland Road
Picture July 2002

20mph Badgers Mount private roads speed

2019 Draft AGM Minutes (PDF)


7th June 2019

The road repair and maintenance planned for the 18/19 Financial Year was carried out for just under £2,500. Some of this work was to fill potholes in the three unmade road sections, but this was not an ideal solution, as make good and mend is never a good process. However, more will be said on this problem later in this report.

Some of the repairs carried out were to make good road edge erosion caused by badly driven delivery lorries and thoughtless drivers parking on and tight up against the verge edges. In almost all cases these vehicles are visitors to our hamlet, but we all have to foot the bill for repairing the damage they cause.

The worst damage was caused during the construction of the new Vodafone telecommunication mast alongside the M25, particularly to Badgers Road. Although the contractors promised us £4,000 in compensation, this has never been forthcoming and I have written several times to the contractor and to Vodafone, they never reply.

We are also in contact with the KCC Public Right of Way Office who continue to ignore the appalling and dangerous condition of the road surface at the eastern end of Badgers Road. KCC control this section of road and we have been bluntly told that it's nothing to do with us! We totally disagree. They are failing in their duty of care and, regrettably, legal action may be the only answer to bring both Vodafone and the KCC to book.
You will have read in the recent Residents' Newsletter that we have been searching for a local resident who may be in the legal profession and who may be able to help with this. Unfortunately nobody has made contact and now even our MP is ignoring our requests for help.

On a happier note, the construction of the new care home is now complete and our concerns regarding parking within our roads during the work proved to be unfounded. The Construction Manager ran an excellent contract and protected our roads very well. He even had his staff spread salt for the residents' safety on the Badgers Road entrance slope when the snow arrived. We have now established good communications with the care home management and they have assured us that they will continue to protect us from their staff and visitors parking in our roads.

Private roads - Please drive slowly
You will have seen that we have installed new information signs at both our entrances advising that our roads are for residents only and are not to be used as a public car park. Additional 20 MPH speed signs have been added along the roads together with extra SLOW signs at bends and junctions.
Regrettably a small number of drivers still can't read!

Sincere thanks to Martin Johnston for the production and printing of these signs and for his time and effort with the placing of them.

The Badgers Road entrance from the Orpington By-Pass has suffered in the last twelve months, predominantly from delivery lorries driving in a straight line over the kerb and destroying the verge. With assistance from the care home contractor we had this area repaired on a number of occasions, only for it to driven over again within days, if not hours. Not a very satisfactory situation as it's obviously very unsightly and detrimental to Badgers Mount. Consequently we approached KCC Highways Department and they have agreed to carry out a kerb modification with a solid run-over area. This will maintain the road line and look like a continuation of the pavement, but will stop the unsightly and continual destruction of the verge. We were asked to contribute to the costs and we are please to say our Parish Council and the Residents' Association have agreed to equally share this with us at £400 each. The work is expected to be carried out later this year.

We have continued to have building developments on the Mount and consequently there has been a steady flow of delivery lorries of all sizes and weights. However, we're happy to report that two of the current developers have fully paid into the Fund without prompting. In fact these same two developers have done their best to minimise the disruption that inevitably happens with these works and we thank them for this.

There has been some edge erosion at the top of Milton Avenue, a few areas of subsidence in Highland Road, a deteriorating surface in Johnsons Avenue square and damage/subsidence in Badgers Road. Maintenance work to these areas is programmed to be undertaken in the autumn to ensure we are sound for next winter. We are awaiting final quotations, but we expect these works to cost between £7 and £8,000.00

We are ever conscious of the areas of our roads that are not well surfaced, if at all. These were never included when the Road Fund was originally set up and earlier this year quotations were sought to upgrade these areas. Excluding the eastern section of Badgers Road, the total cost amounted to just under £65,000. Our Treasurer will report later regarding our funds, but this level of expenditure is not possible from the Fund and although we are seeking alternative quotations, we suspect the figures will be similar.

It was hoped to have had direct communications with the property owners who are affected by this situation earlier this year, but regrettably my health threw a wobbly and I'm only now beginning to catch up. However, hopefully this process will be able to take place in the later this year following receipt of further quotations.

This level of expenditure additional to the regular maintenance costs focuses the mind on the subscription payments. Very sadly, we continue to be let down by a small number of households. This year, a total of 21 residents have failed to contribute. This includes a small number who are fronting the unmade road sections and we fully understand their reluctance, and we now include a concession for these properties, requesting a payment of just the minimum £40 household cost. Unfortunately there are other residents who never contribute anything and who are happy to sit back and let everyone else pay. This is very disappointing given that every one of us has to use the roads to gain access to our properties.

On a very quick check over the last ten years it is estimated £11,000 has been lost to the fund by these non-contributors. That would go a long way towards making up roads!

In the past the Fund published a full list of the contributor's names and properties but with the recent changes in the law, we are not allowed to do this without the individual's consent and so our records are now never made public. However, it has been suggested by a number of residents that instead of publishing the names of those who pay, we publish the house names of payers and non-payers on our circulars. To do so would not be breaking the law as property house numbers and names are public record, and so we would like to discuss this proposal and put it to a vote under Any Other Business later in this meeting.

We have said it before, but with the continued increase in traffic flow, our normal resurfacing and repairs may not be sustainable for much longer. The road substructure is beginning to fail and it is inevitable that a major rethink on our roads policy will not be many years away. Funds will need to be considerably bolstered to cover the costs, but we are not there yet and you will be pleased to hear that we are not proposing to raise subscriptions level for this Financial Year.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank the road representatives/Committee for their help throughout the year; I couldn't do this on my own.

On behalf of the committee, I would also like to thank you all for joining us tonight and for continuing to support the Fund.

Thank you.
Roger King

Surface dressing Highland Road - July 2015

Highland Road - Marchants surface dressing July 2015

Road Fund History

Early in the 1960s, following the building of some houses and bungalows in Highland Road, a few residents held a meeting to discuss the possibility of funding a scheme to lay a surface to Highland Road. The road then was nothing more than a cart track of flints and large pot holes. Footwear during the winter months was definitely gumboots with thick soles!

The meeting successfully raised a sum of money to make a start on filling pot holes with tarmacadam. Under the name Highland Association, the group called upon all residents in the road to contribute into a fund so that more work could be carried out in successive years.

However, after the worst section of Highland Road had been treated (in 1965), residents in Milton Avenue and Badgers Road were impressed and following a meeting of all residents of the three roads, the Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund was born. Johnsons Avenue joined the fund on the 1st January 1988.

Albert Thomas

The Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund and the Residents' Association are separate bodies.

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