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For the unadopted/private roads in Badgers Mount. Road Fund History

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The Badgers Mount Road
Maintenance Fund

The roads within the maintenance fund are:

Badgers Road
Highland Road
Johnsons Avenue
Milton Avenue

The current contributions to the
Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund:

Basic for household: £30.00
Additional for each vehicle
:  £30.00

Officers of the Fund

Hon. Treasurer

Roger King 
Gordon Plumb

Tel: 534214
Tel: 534279

Road Representatives

Badgers Road
Highland Road
Johnsons Avenue
Milton Avenue

Olive Came
Richard Ruston
Dianne Wills
Maureen Simmons


Repairs to Highland Road - July 2002
Repairs underway in Highland Road
Picture July 2002

20mph Badgers Mount private roads speed

May 2018


Dear Neighbours

After what has felt like a very long and grey winter, the recent arrival of the sun and a bit of warmth (albeit short- lived!) was very welcome. We look forward to its return!

When I agreed to take on the Chairmanship of the Road Maintenance Fund, I had foolishly thought that we could all join together and help maintain Badgers Mount's road surfaces in good condition. How wrong was I! Although the majority of residents have paid what could be considered a relatively small sum of money, there remain a few who persistently refuse to pay anything towards the upkeep of our roads.

Towards the end of last year, and following the issue of two newsletters with reminders for subscriptions, I took the decision to write to 23 neighbours asking if they could let me know their reasons for not contributing to the Road Fund. I fully accept that we all have different views, but I just wanted to understand all sides of the debate. I thank the four people who kindly replied; you know who you are and I respect your views. Sadly, I also had one unpleasantly blunt letter refusing to pay, and one very rude phone call. The remaining letters have been ignored. Despite not contributing anything to the Fund, these residents and their visitors continue to use the roads both by car and on foot.

Each year we are bombarded by an ever increasing number of heavy lorries, trucks and vans, not to mention badly parked cars, but in recent weeks these problems reached new heights when the whole of Badgers Road and its junctions with Milton Avenue, Johnsons Avenue and Highland Road, have been taking a battering by Vodafone contractors who have built a new mast in a field at the bottom of Badgers Road, adjacent to the M25. In many places the road surface has been crushed, verges destroyed and trees damaged, not to mention mud and material spillage spread along the length of the road. We are in dialogue with the contractors who have promised they will make good their damage, and we are also claiming compensation from Vodafone as any underlying damage caused may not be revealed until a later date.

Unfortunately we are unable to have this type of dialogue with other delivery vehicles, utility vehicles, etc - of all sizes - who continually use our roads, and it is therefore imperative that we all assist and pay into the Road Fund. Without everyone contributing, it will become increasingly more difficult to fully maintain our roads to a good standard.

Regrettably the planned sweeping of the roads has had to be delayed, predominantly because of the weather, but also because of the Vodafone mast construction. There has been no point until the works have finished, but I believe these to be nearly over and at that time a general sweep will be carried out.

As soon as it can be agreed, we are arranging for some general surface repairs to all areas together with remedial works to be carried out to the lesser made up sections of Highland Road. In addition, the eastern, lesser made up section of Badgers Road is due to be repaired by Vodafone, but this has to be agreed with the KCC Public Rights of Way Officer. We are in discussion with all parties to ensure this happens.

Notice for our AGM is printed on the reverse of this news letter and we look forward to seeing you there.

My sincere thanks to all of you who have paid your subscription, your money is all we have to keep the roads in good order.

Roger King


NOTICE is hereby given that the 52nd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund will be held on Friday 8th June 2018 at 8pm in the Memorial Hall, Highland Road, Badgers Mount.

Roger King
April 2018


1 To approve the Minutes of the meeting held on 26th May 2017.

2. To receive the Report of the Committee for the year 2017.

3. To approve the audited accounts for the year 2017.

3. To agree the contribution for 2018.

4. To elect Officers, Committee members and Auditor.

All members are offering themselves for re election.

The Present Committee members are:
Chairman Mr R. H. King
Deputy Chairman Mr G. K. Plumb
Hon. Treasurer Mr G. K. Plumb
Committee & Road Representatives
Badgers Road Mrs O. Came
Highland Road Mr R. Ruston
Johnsons Avenue Mrs D.E.Wills
Milton Avenue Mrs M. Simmons

Hon Auditor Mr G Gunn

5. The new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

6. Any other business.

Surface dressing Highland Road - July 2015

Highland Road - Marchants surface dressing July 2015

Road Fund History

Early in the 1960s, following the building of some houses and bungalows in Highland Road, a few residents held a meeting to discuss the possibility of funding a scheme to lay a surface to Highland Road. The road then was nothing more than a cart track of flints and large pot holes. Footwear during the winter months was definitely gumboots with thick soles!

The meeting successfully raised a sum of money to make a start on filling pot holes with tarmacadam. Under the name Highland Association, the group called upon all residents in the road to contribute into a fund so that more work could be carried out in successive years.

However, after the worst section of Highland Road had been treated (in 1965), residents in Milton Avenue and Badgers Road were impressed and following a meeting of all residents of the three roads, the Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund was born. Johnsons Avenue joined the fund on the 1st January 1988.

Albert Thomas

The Badgers Mount Road Maintenance Fund and the Residents' Association are separate bodies.

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