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(Summer 2004)

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To start our Newsletter we would like to welcome all new residents to Badgers Mount and to thank those who attended our recent Annual General Meeting.

At that Meeting the following were elected to the Committee:
Gordon Plumb - Chairman
Len Cottle
- Vice-Chairman
Tracey McCartney
- Secretary
Chris Lucas
- Treasurer
Myra Marshall
Margaret Tutt
John Ralston
Mary Bliss

During the last year Alison Chase and Joyce Pitt-Payne retired from the Committee. At the AGM our thanks were given for their work on the Committee.

Regrettably, there were no new volunteers to join the Committee so we still have at least two vacancies to achieve the minimum requirement of our Constitution. It would be particularly desirable to have one or more volunteers from Old London Road, Crest Close, Badgers Rise Christies Avenue, Sandersons Avenue, Woodlands View, Milton Avenue or Johnsons Avenue as at present there is no representative from these roads on the Committee. If you are interested in joining us and can spare one evening a month to attend Committee Meetings please telephone Gordon (534279) or Tracey (534471) or e-mail our website www.bmra.info. We look forward to hearing from you - remember your views are important so join us and have your say!


For those unable to attend the AGM an update on the closure of the Post Office was given. Following a subsequent meeting with Post Office Limited there is now a strong possibility that they will set up a part time Post Office in the Memorial Hall. At present discussions are taking place regarding essential equipment and who will run the Post Office etc. It is probable that full PO services will be available and that changeover from your present PO to the new one would be straightforward. To provide a social meeting point it is proposed to have a coffee morning with one of the PO sessions. In order to gauge support for the proposal PO Ltd would like to know the likely number of people who would use the PO in the hall. We would like to know if people would help with the coffee etc. on a rota basis. To help us there will be sheets in the Memorial Hall lobby on Election Day, 10 June for you to indicate your support. Alternatively, please put your name, address and likely use of the PO or help with coffee mornings on a piece of paper and give it to any committee member or leave in the Hall letter box (kitchen door). BT has confirmed that no replacement telephone kiosk will be provided. The nearest public telephones are now at Knockholt Station or the lay-by at the top of Polhill.

It is proposed to re-locate the Parish Council Noticeboard and bench seat on the verge of Orpington By-Pass near to the garage, and the Millennium Sign to the grass triangle between the roundabout and the bus shelter.


Appeals are currently underway with regard to demolition of Broom Cottage and erection of replacement dwellings and the Application for a second Telephone Mast on the By-Pass. We have yet to hear the outcome of the Appeal concerning the Traveller’s site next to the Station.

There has been a recent indication that the developers of the Woodland cemetery to the west of Old London Road may consider an application for a large number of houses on the remainder of the site. Although it has been suggested that this has already been shelved they may try for some other equally undesirable development. We will, of course, continue to monitor this closely.


At present we only have two Councillors following the resignation of Vivienne Clarke. If a third representative is not found in the very near future the Council may co-opt someone from Shoreham Village to represent us. If you are interested in filling this position please telephone Gordon Clarke on 532987 for further information.

Following our request the Parish Council have recently agreed to purchase new 20 m.p.h. speed signs for the roads east of the By-Pass in an attempt to improve safety. They will also be purchasing a speed gun for use on roads with speed limits of 40 m.p.h. or less throughout the Parish and we will be allowed to use this on Old London Road in the near future.

We are pleased to report that the two Dog Waste Bins supplied by the Parish Council are being used by some dog owners. However, there is still room for improvement!


At its next meeting the Committee will consider possible social events for the near future. If you have any ideas or suggestions for events please contact Gordon, Tracey or e-mail the website.

For reference, Memorial Hall bookings are now undertaken by Barry Saunders (534536).


This continues to stop outside Tudor Lodge/Marchwood on the Orpington By-Pass on alternate Thursdays between 10.45 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. At the time of writing it last visited on 27th May. It would be nice if this service received more support from the residents.


We have been asked to request residents not to put rubbish sacks out until the day of collection, and ensure they are securely tied up, as there have been instances of foxes scattering rubbish over the pathways and roads. Also please remember that collections following Bank Holidays are normally one day later than usual. There is a link to Sevenoaks District Council via the website if you wish to check dates.

It has been noticed that some residents are still dumping garden clippings, grass cuttings etc. on the verges and in the woods. This is unacceptable. If you are unable to dispose of this by making your own compost (and saving money) the Council operates a garden waste collection fortnightly or you can take it to the Dunbrik Recycling Centre. Please contact the Council for further details.

A resident has pointed out that by placing stones, logs etc on verges adjacent to the roads there is a possibility your home insurance would not cover accidental damage or injury if an accident should occur. It has been suggested that you should check with your insurers.

As the summer approaches may we remind residents to be considerate of their neighbours when lighting bonfires, playing music outdoors etc.
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