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(Summer 2003)

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To start our Newsletter we would like to welcome all new residents to Badgers Mount and to thank those who attended our recent Annual General Meeting.

At that Meeting the following were elected to the Committee:
Gordon Plumb - Chairman
Len Cottle - Vice Chairman
Tracey McCartney - Secretary
Chris Lucas - Treasurer
Alison Chase
Myra Marshall
Joyce Pitt-Payne
John Ralston
Margaret Tutt.

This leaves one vacancy to achieve the minimum requirements of our Constitution. Currently, the Committee has no representative from Badgers Rise, Christies Avenue, Crest Close, Johnsons Avenue, Sandersons Avenue, Milton Avenue, Old London Road or Woodlands View. If anyone feels interested in our community and can spare one evening a month to attend Committee Meetings please contact Gordon Plumb on 534279 or Tracey McCartney on 534471 for further information.


Please remember to visit the Association’s Website for full details of forthcoming events, links to other Badgers Mount Associations, the Parish and District Councils, Memorial Hall bookings and the weather for the week ahead!! Plus much more…. www.badgersmount.net


Following the erection of the Telephone Mast on the Orpington By-Pass the Association made a complaint to Sevenoaks District Council about their failure to notify Orange that Planning Permission for the Mast had been refused within the statutory time limit. In view of the unsatisfactory response received we referred the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman for his consideration. Following his site inspection he agreed that Sevenoaks District Council had not followed the correct procedure but he believed that if the Application had been refused correctly, Orange would have appealed and won and the Mast would have been erected anyway. This matter has not been resolved to our satisfaction and we are currently negotiating with the Ombudsman further.

The Application for a Travellers site adjacent to Knockholt Station has been refused. We are currently checking with Sevenoaks District Council whether an appeal has been filed or when the site will be vacated.

Most other Planning Applications for this area in recent months have been for Extensions, Conservatories and Garages etc.


At the May election there was only one nomination for our three seats on Shoreham Parish Council. Subsequently, two further residents have been co-opted. Our new representatives are Gordon Clarke and Vivienne Clarke (532987) and John Ralston (533412).


For us all to enjoy the summer months and particularly this current hot spell could we please remind residents to be considerate of their neighbours when lighting bonfires, playing music outdoors etc.
As previously advised, Dr. Bliss has kindly offered the use of her rustic Tennis Court at Oaklea, off Badgers Road to local residents. Anyone interested in using the Court please contact Dr. Bliss direct on 534278.


From Thursday, 4th September the Mobile Library will continue to stop outside Tudor Lodge, Orpington By-Pass at the REVISED time of 10.45 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and fortnightly from then.
A larger van will be in service to provide a wider range of books for all tastes. Please support this facility or it may be lost forever.


The Association have been in discussions with the relevant authorities to try to improve the traffic situation on the Orpington By-Pass, particularly the safety of the recent road markings at the end of Highland Road. It appears that some improvements are in the pipeline for the next financial year - we shall continue to monitor this matter on behalf of everyone.

It has been noted that with the reduced amount of traffic on Old London Road some drivers seem to use it like a race track - one vehicle was recently seen travelling at an estimated 90+ m.p.h. when the speed limit is 40 m.p.h. A call to the Police received no response as they need at least two witnesses before they can take action. Please take note of registration numbers and time of offence so that if one vehicle is a regular offender you can report it to the Police and notify the Association.

Once again, may we remind you all that the speed limit on roads east of the By-Pass is 20 m.p.h. There are still many vehicles seen travelling in excess of this causing danger to pedestrians and other vehicles.


To assist with this persisting problem the Association has asked the Parish Council to provide two Dog Waste Bins for Badgers Mount. In the meantime, please remember to clear up after your animals and dispose of all waste properly, not just leaving it on verges etc.

(and Halstead, Knockholt and Well Hill - 01959 53…)

Although Broadband Internet is already available in many parts of the country we haven't got it locally.
However, all it takes is for enough people in our local area to show their interest in ordering Broadband - and we can have it available here!
Broadband can really make a difference to people living and working in this area - whether you use the internet for personal or business use. Some of the benefits include:
Internet access up to 40 times faster
The freedom to use the phone at the same time as the internet
All for not much more than an anytime 'dialup' package
For further details and to see the current registration figures please visit www.badgersmount.net/broadband


We shall shortly be preparing our autumn and winter programme and are proposing to hold, amongst other things, another New Year Celebration following the success of the last three years. More details on this and other events will follow in the next Newsletter.

Finally, if you have any ideas for future social events, general comments or issues that you would like raised please contact the Chairman or Secretary on the telephone numbers given above.

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