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 Summer 2002 Newsletter

To start our Newsletter we would like to welcome all new residents to Badgers Mount. 


Several social events have taken place since the last Newsletter, a Quiz Night, 2 Whist Drives, a New Year Celebration and a Barn Dance.  All of which were well attended and enjoyed by all present. We hope to hold other similar events throughout the year so please watch out for notices/posters.

The next important dates are THURSDAY, 30th MAY 2002 for the Annual General Meeting of the Association and MONDAY, 3rd JUNE 2002 for our Golden Jubilee Celebration Day.  Notices for these are attached to this Newsletter. 


Badgers Mount Village Sign

Village Sign

A special event also took place in December 2001 the unveiling of the long awaited Village Sign by Mrs Joyce Pitt-Payne. 



Over 100 people attended the unveiling and the Committee sends its thanks to all those involved with the Sign from Mrs Pat Cash who had the original idea, Mr Tavener who did the artwork, Mr Dolley who erected the Sign, Mr & Mrs Butler in the Post Office and others too numerous to mention.

Residents watching the unveiling


Currently the Committee has 9 members. However, under the terms of its Constitution it should have a minimum of 10 we therefore, require at least one volunteer at the Annual General Meeting to be elected.  If you would like to volunteer or would like further information on the work of the Association please contact Gordon Plumb (534279) or Tracey McCartney (534471). 

Parish Projects

Following the AGM the newly elected Committee will have an opportunity to meet with Phil Hobson, Chairman of the Shoreham Parish Council.  We hope to put forward ideas for suitable projects within Badgers Mount, as funding may be available from the Council.   If YOU have any suggestions for projects (i.e. extra rubbish bins, benches, footpath maintenance etc.) please WRITE to our Secretary at Sett Point, Highland Road prior to 20th June 2002.  For your information we have recently received a contribution from the Parish Council towards our Jubilee celebrations and the Hall Committee have had a grant towards the re-surfacing of the Hall Car Park. Our thanks go to Len Cottle and Trevor Simmons, our two Parish Council representatives who assisted in securing this financial assistance.

You may have noticed that there is now a new notice board outside the Post Office thanks to Shoreham Parish Council.

New Notice Board


Unfortunately we have received several complaints concerning the deterioration of roads, footpaths and verges around the Mount caused by litter, dog fouling. vehicles driving and parking on verges and the inconsiderate and highly visible dumping of garden rubbish (see advert for wheelie bins below!).  There have also been recent incidents of graffiti outside the Memorial Hall and on salt bins, road signs etc.  It would be appreciated if all residents concerned would give more thought to solving the above problems to make Badgers Mount a place to be proud of.


The speed of vehicles along roads on the Mount also continues to cause concern.  Can we please re-iterate the speed limit of 20 m.p.h. and ask you to remind your visitors of this. 


As the Summer approaches may we also give a timely reminder that Bonfires should not be lit before 8.00 p.m. or before dusk at other times in the year to be considerate to your neighbours.

Please contact any Committee Member if you have any issues that you wish to have raised at a Committee Meeting.

Sevenoaks Council have a Scheme for the collection of garden rubbish via wheeled bins.  They offer the purchase of a bin for 25, yearly permit for 50 and collection of rubbish fortnightly.  If you are interested please contact the Council on 01959 565489/490 for further details.

We have also received details of a Free Tree Scheme from The North West Kent Countryside Project.  They offer the chance of a free tree for you to plant in your garden and further information can be obtained on 01322 294727.

We have been asked to mention that Shoreham Parish Council will be holding a Jubilee Celebration in Shoreham on Tuesday, 4th June.  Further details on this can be obtained from Mary Inniss on 01959 524853 if you require further entertainment following our own celebrations in the Memorial Hall on Monday, 3rd June.

Can we please also remind you of the Mobile Library service.  The library stops in the Hall Car Park on alternate Thursdays at 10.30 a.m. 

Arriva Bus

Attached to this Newsletter is a Questionnaire regarding local transport issues on which we would be glad to receive your comments.


Last but not least the Association now has its own Website www.BMRA.info which is a regularly updated source of local information. Its brand new with some further development still going on. All Newsletters are archived on the site, along with other local links. If you have access to the Internet please take a look.


WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ON THURSDAY, 30th MAY IN THE MEMORIAL HALL AT 8.00 P.M. Wine, soft drinks and savouries will be available after the Meeting.

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