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Care Home Development - A224CARE HOME DEVELOPMENT

Useful contacts and information about the Care Home development on the old Fox's Garage / Elite Motors site on the A224 Orpington Bypass.
Let the BMRA know if you have any problems or feedback.

Badgers Mount - FlowersBMRA Newsletter - Autumn 2017

It’s been the best year for flowers and berries for a long time. The sun and rain must have been ideal for plants – particularly the weeds!


Most of you will have heard by now of the sad and sudden death of the BMRA Secretary, Memorial Hall Treasurer and Booking Secretary Christine Donovan, in early August. Both the Committee and the Community will miss her friendliness, cheerfulness and thoroughness as she gave freely of her time and energy for the benefit of the residents of Badgers Mount. She will be much missed by us all and we send our heartfelt condolences to her family.


If you decide to have a bonfire, barbeque or have music playing, could we ask everyone to give a thought to their neighbours who might be trying to relax in their gardens and don't really want to be driven indoors by smoke fumes or have their peace shattered by loud music. The local custom is to light smoky bonfires (e.g. garden waste) only after 9 p.m. in the Summer or 6 p.m. in the Winter.

Could we also ask you to think about your neighbours when you or your visitors are parking in any of the roads. In recent times residents, particularly in Badgers Road, are frequently finding the access to their properties blocked or hampered by inconsiderate and poorly parked cars and vans. Additionally, Fire engines, Ambulances and larger delivery vehicles are not only finding the roads too restricted to pass but they are sometimes unable to turn corners, etc. because cars are parked too close to junctions. Similarly in Old London Road vehicles are often partly parked illegally on the pavement which means that mothers with prams, etc, and anyone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter have to use the road to get by. You could easily park on the other side of the lower road and leave the pavement free for those of us with reduced mobility.


Elite Motors Garage. You will no doubt have seen that demolition has finished, but we still have no firm date for commencement of building the Care Home. The BMRA is attempting to set up a discussion forum with the developers in order to discuss and sort out any problems with vehicle movement and parking. We have received an amended Construction Management Plan which notes that parking in the local roads is unlikely to be available to contractors, but we still need to be vigilant.

Sevenoaks District Council future development plans. An initial weeding out of non-acceptable sites has led to the removal from consideration of the site between Highland Road and the M25 Motorway. However, the F M Conway site and others along the East side of the A224 to Sevenoaks are still under consideration.


The BMRA representative and a resident continue to meet regularly with both the site and management personnel to discuss any local issues or concerns raised by residents concerning FM Conway operations. We would remind all residents that in accordance with Health and Safety rules, FM Conway will not tolerate any of their staff making any loud noises (eg tailgate banging). So if you hear these, please inform the BMRA with the date and time.


We live in a lovely community and it important that our children can play in the area safely. Sadly we need to report that recently we found empty pizza containers in the entrance to the Memorial Hall, sauces smeared over the windows, litter spread around and drug associated equipment abandoned on the ground. It would appear that there are some young people in our community who are taking part in littering and anti-social behaviour, because it seems unlikely that youngsters from outside are paying for a taxi, catching the train or using a very infrequent bus to come to Badgers Mount in order to leave the mess we found.

These young people live at home with their parents and live in this community. Please talk to your teenagers about behaving responsibly. You may want to take this opportunity to talk to your younger children as well and make them aware of what others might be doing around them.

We have also found used laughing-gas capsules in the area. These are one of the latest drug crazes and have been fatal in some recent cases. More information on the signs and results of this craze can be found at:
The ‘Talk-to-Frank’ website is excellent for background information and help:
or for laughing gas in particular:

This is not intended in any way to be a witch-hunt; it is, however, a plea for understanding and knowledge in order to prevent a descent into hard addiction. Your children may be OK – but your knowledge may help to prevent other peoples’ problems.


The BMRA has a vacancy for a secretary. The work load is relatively light but important to the smooth functioning of the Association. It consists of taking minutes at our monthly meetings; circulating Agendas; acting as a contact point for letters and e-mail; and working closely on all these activities with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Much of the work involves use of e-mail and working with letters and similar documents – filing, circulating, copying, etc. It is assumed that the applicant will have their own computer but we can organise local printing or loan the BMRA printer if necessary. Please contact the Chairman ( or Vice-Chairman ( if interested.


To coincide with the installation of the defibrillator at the Badgers Mount Memorial Hall we are planning to hold a first aid awareness event, hopefully including training to use the defibrillator, fun quizzes and first aid type activities. This event would be suitable for all the family. Please look out for posters advertising the date and time. If there are any qualified first aiders who would like to help run this event please contact Zena 01959534566 or via email at or Dave Woledge at

Badgers Mount walkers
We next meet on Friday 22 September at 6pm and walk for approximately 60 minutes locally. For more details, please email

Badgers Mount Women's Institute (WI)
Invite you to join them for a friendly afternoon with interesting speakers and always tea and cakes. Meetings are in the Memorial Hall on the second Wednesday of every month at 2pm. We offer a warm welcome to new members and visitors.
Contact: Liz Drysdale (01689 853865) or Daphne Thomas (01959 534353)

Wine tasting with a difference
Do you know your Lidl from your Laithwaites?

Saturday 25th November 2017
7.00pm to start tasting at 7.30pm
Badgers Mount Memorial Hall
£15 a ticket (over 18 only)

During the evening we will taste 12 different wines including reds, whites, rose and sparkling. This year featuring dessert wines; Cheese and bread included

Tickets must be bought in advance a minimum of 24 people required to ensure the evening will happen! Cut off for tickets 6th November.

Please contact Zena 01959 534566 or e-mail


18 volunteers have come forward to act as Road Coordinators and consequently the BMRA is now in a position to relaunch the scheme with immediate effect. The Coordinators held their inaugural meeting in early July and the enthusiasm for the scheme was clearly in evidence. Over the coming weeks and months each Coordinator will endeavour to personally get in touch with each householder to explain the scheme in more detail.

The objective of the NHW is for each resident to keep their eyes and ears open and report any unusual activity to their Coordinator. If you see that a crime is in progress, under no circumstances should suspected criminals be challenged, but please report the matter immediately to the Police using 999. In the case of non-urgent matters, the Police can be contacted using the 101 number or the local PCSO can be contacted on 07980 925261, anonymously if you wish. Alternatively you can visit the Sevenoaks Police who are based in the Council Offices in Argyle Road, Sevenoaks TN13 1HG between 9am and 5pm. They also have an Email address:

The Neighbourhood Watch is a "bottom up" scheme whereby the residents are the driving force at grass roots level. We would ask all residents to be aware of any unoccupied properties where residents are on holiday or at work and also of elderly and vulnerable neighbours where rogue traders may be a threat. These sorts of cases are, unfortunately, on the increase and several Badgers Mount residents have suffered in recent weeks.

The BMRA is funding the scheme so no money is required from the residents. However, the success of the scheme relies on us all being aware of our surroundings, our neighbours and spotting the unusual. If you think ‘That’s Odd’, dispel any doubts which you may have about reporting matters and tell your co-ordinator. Individually it may mean nothing but overall it may fit into a pattern.

Lastly a very sincere thanks to all of you who have volunteered with a view to supporting the community spirit. It’s an unpaid job but a worthwhile one I hope.

Dave Woledge Watch Liaison (01959 534338)


Full contact details on the BMRA Committee page.


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