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JULY 2015
There are approx. 4 newsletters published each year.


BMRA Newsletter - July 2015


A224 Orpington BypassAs you will probably have observed, KCC have now installed the village gates on the Orpington Bypass – A 224. Discussion continues regarding the gates for the Old London Road; decisions are complicated by the Western half of the road belonging to Halstead. Ideally we will have 2 pairs of gates on this road at each end of Badgers Mount but may have to settle for single gates on the Eastern side. The roundels on the road surface reminding drivers of the 50 mph limit should also be done this year.


There is a short cut between the Northern roundabout and Old London Road which misses out most of Wheatsheaf Hill. It uses much of the old road which was cleared a few months ago, but the ends have become a bit overgrown again.


Crematoria Update

The Watercrofts Woods application was refused but they appealed. They still have permission for a chapel and burial ground and are proceeding with these with a claimed opening date in 2016.


We have been advised by P.B. Associates that Messrs Conway’s retain the desire to redevelop their Chelsfield site with a low density housing scheme.
Before embarking on a detailed planning exercise however there are several aspects which have to be

considered, perhaps the most important of which being precisely how Conways will continue to pursue their operational activities following the loss of their Chelsfield site. We continue to be in regular contact with the consultants on this issue.

A proposal was passed at our last AGM to retain the Conway Defence Fund in its present form and until the full extent of Messrs Conway’s ‘low density’ development had been established and proved acceptable to the residents.
Meanwhile the committee are reviewing expenditure appropriate to this Fund with the intention of bringing this account up to date. Consideration is also being given to widening the remit such that we are able to oppose and fund all unwelcome developments within the community. The committee will report and put forward any recommendations at the next AGM in May 2016.


Neighbourhood Watch is an organised means of keeping a lookout for each other, particularly when residents are away on holiday. It is mainly a way of passing information around swiftly and efficiently, and is an essential part of any community. We have not been active for the past couple of years but have recently had several local burglaries, so need to get back into the swing again. I'm sure many of you are aware that Roy Blamey, our Chairperson, has now had to stand down from this position, to take on the role of Councillor and Chairperson for our newly formed Badgers Mount Parish Council. I'm sure you join me in thanking him for all he has done in the past for our community and wish him all the best in his new role, but we now need to replace him and several other members who have left for various reasons.

On Friday 25th September at 7.30pm, we will be holding a meeting, in the Memorial Hall, for all the current Neighbourhood Watch Road Stewards and ANYONE ELSE who wishes to join and support the Neighbourhood Watch team. If anyone is interested in joining and serving on NW, please contact Tina Bennett on 533809.

Neighbourhood Watch only meet 2-3 times a year and thankfully, with the generally low crime rate in our area, being on the committee is not too demanding for any one person. However, it is still an essential part of our community and must keep going. Please do consider giving a few hours of your time, to enable us to keep our Neighbourhood Watch running successfully.
I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining the team or please just come along to our meeting in September, to hear more about it.


There are a number of apparent ‘cowboys’ driving through our community. This picture was taken recently on the approach to the M25 – A224 – A21 roundabout. Bags of rubbish had been piled on top of a sofa on top of the upper unsecured skip and they fell into the road – the lorry didn’t stop. After discussion, both Kent and Metropolitan police emphasised that in order for them to proceed, they need the following information:

Number Plate; Location; Time

Don’t have an accident whilst you note all this down – leave it to your passenger.


Our new Parish Council is now fully operational. Roy Blamey is chairperson ably assisted by Noel Wills, John Grint, Tracey McCartney and Gordon Plumb. There have now been 3 meetings of the main committee of Badgers Mount Parish Council and most of the initial set-up tasks have been completed. We will not be meeting in August but will hold a Planning meeting should it be necessary for us to respond to it before the next meeting in September. At that meeting we hope to be able to announce the appointment of our Parish Clerk.


Tony has been delivering letters to Badgers Mount for the last 20 years or so, and is finally retiring this Autumn. We have started a collection for him; anyone wishing to contribute please leave donations either with Christine Donovan at Lyndhurst, Badgers Road or with Gordon Plumb during the Thursday morning coffee get-together in the Memorial Hall.


Well done to all those who came along for the walking treasure hunt where a pleasant couple of hours was spent hunting for clues around Badgers Mount. 27 people joined us and many stayed afterward for tea and cake, making it another social event and a good time to catch up with neighbours. It was a great afternoon, we didn't lose anyone; no one was run over and the cakes were a success, there was no controversy over the winners, Congratulations Noel and Diane.


Barn dance and Music from the Hatted Hens
Saturday 3rd October 6.30pm -9.30pm

Barn dance and music - what a great way to get to know those in your community. You can either dance an energetic jig, watch others work out their right hand star and their left hand reel.

7 a head with children free. Bring your own drinks and nibbles. This event will need a minimum number to ensure that it will take place. Please email if you would like to save yourself a seat in the dozy doe and the woven basket. You don't need to bring a partner; there will be a warm welcome for everyone. All children must be accompanied and it would help if you know your left from your right. Come along and swing your neighbours round and round and get to know those in the community as you apologies for treading on their toes.


Fancy dress competition and lantern parade 5.30 pm (following from the WI Fair). Start in the village hall in Halloween costumes prizes for under 10 and under 16. Gather for a cup of tea and Halloween refreshments. Once the prizes have been awarded there will be a supervised procession around the mount. Residents in Badgers mount who don't have young children who wish to support this may want to indicate that they would welcome visitors to reward the children's fancy dress efforts with treats (no tricks)

This event will only take place if there is enough interest shown Please email to indicate how many children you would like to enter the fancy dress and parade. Please email if you would welcome visitors on 31st October early evening or would like to help at the event.



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