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(July 2009)

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Greetings to all residents. We hope you are all enjoying the hot summer – long may it continue!


The AGM in May was only attended by a total of 14 residents, half the number who attended last year, which was a very disappointing turn out. As advised in the last newsletter, John Ralston has resigned from the committee. Brian Modlock has also resigned since the AGM. There were no volunteers to fill vacancies at the AGM, so we urgently need to co-opt at least two new committee members. If you would like to join us, please contact either Gordon (534279) or Tracey (534471) for more information. The remaining committee members were re-elected.

Currently, the Committee members are:

Gordon Plumb (534279)
Tracey McCartney (534471)
Chris Lucas (534143)
Len Cottle (534304)
Myra Marshall (534745)
Mary Bliss (534278)
Zena Belton (534566)
Eric Raven (535171)

Please remember that the Association has its own website (see above for address). This includes a lot of useful information, calendar of events, house locator and links to other local organisations. There is also a direct link to the S D C planning website enabling you to view all local planning applications and their current status.

You are also able to email us with any comments, questions or suggestions you may have on any local issues and we will get back to you. If you would prefer, please contact any committee member listed above.


Barn Dance

The Barn Dance on Saturday 13th June was thoroughly enjoyed by the 33 people who attended, and there have already been suggestions that we should do another in Spring 2010.

Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings continue to be held on Thursdays between 10.30 am and 12 noon and are open to all residents. The mobile library calls into the Hall Car Park on alternate Thursdays between 10.45 and 11.20, and their next visit will be on 16th July.


Now that summer is here, we make the usual request about trying not to cause a nuisance to your neighbours by having smoky bonfires, allowing dogs to bark all day or playing loud music in the garden. Your neighbours are entitled to enjoy their homes and gardens just as much as you are entitled to enjoy yours without nuisance from them.

Badgers Mount PCSO Jane WrightPOLICE SURGERY

The next police surgery will be on Thursday 23rd July from 11.00 am to 12.00 noon in the Memorial Hall during the Coffee Morning. PCSO Jane Wright will be pleased to discuss and give advice about any concerns you have about crimes, suspicious vehicles and callers etc.



A new application for a replacement car dealership building on the Orpington Bypass frontage of Foxs Garage has recently been submitted. As this is very similar to the previous one, but with only the front showroom part being replaced while the existing two storey workshop at the rear being retained and refurbished, we have decided not to have an “open viewing” of the application this time. If you wish to make a comment on this, you need to submit it quickly as the official return date is 6th July. The Association Committee have decided not to object to this application.

The revised application for Penryn Cottage, Milton Avenue was also approved recently.
The Application for a Car Wash at Polhill Garden Centre was withdrawn.

Residents may have noticed the redevelopment work at Michael’s Diner at the top of Polhill. The Diner is being converted into a 24 bedroom motel. This is implementation of the planning permission granted over four years ago.


Hedges have recently put on a large amount of growth which, in some areas, is causing sight lines at drives and junctions to be restricted, and house and road names to be obstructed. You are reminded that you are responsible for keeping your hedges under control. If cut back in the next month or so, they should not put on too much growth again this year.


We were recently asked to investigate the possibility of re-routing the R5/R10 buses via Old London Road to provide a direct link to Orpington. Currently residents can only access this service from Halstead, the alternative being to use the 402 route to Green Street Green and change buses. Transport for London (the service providers), have told us that at present there is no demand to change the current service, despite this Association receiving several requests. If you would be interested in using a direct service to Orpington please write to:

Alwin Fernandez,
London Buses Customer Services,
4th floor, Zone G7,
197 Blackfriars Road,
London SE1 8NJ
or send an email to him at:

Remember, the more letters they receive regarding this, the greater the chances of getting it changed!


The dates given for the Shoreham Parish Council meetings in September in the Memorial Hall are correct, but the days are Thursdays, not Wednesdays as a check on your diaries will confirm.


Gordon Plumb – 534279
Tracey McCartney – 534471


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