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12/2/2018 UPDATE
Committee changes.

Care Home Development - A224CARE HOME DEVELOPMENT

Useful contacts and information about the Care Home development on the old Fox's Garage / Elite Motors site on the A224 Orpington Bypass.
Let the BMRA know if you have any problems or feedback.

BMRA Newsletter - Winter 2017/2018

The recent cold snap was made worse by a leaking water-pipe on Badgers Road near the junction with the A224 Orpington Bypass and a lack of road salt in the nearby bin. The Parish Council have asked KCC to refill the salt bin and Thames Water have repaired the pipe, so here’s hoping we’ll have fewer unplanned skids in the future.


New Care Home. Works are proceeding on schedule and a monthly update from the Project Manager is published on the village website Let the BMRA Secretary or a BMRA committee member know if you want a paper copy and we will provide it. A letter was circulated before Christmas outlining the agreed complaints procedure should you be affected by site traffic. You can complain directly to the site manager, Steve Wheeler on 07500 803095 or by e-mail at In all cases, give the time, date and place of the problem; please also let the BMRA know via e-mail or phone. The BMRA co-ordinator is Will Withecombe, e-mail or the BMRA Chairman, or phone 0777 336 3147. We need to maintain a log of all problems which will be invaluable in fighting our corner in any future disputes.

Sevenoaks District Council future development plans
The Broke Hill Golf Course land opposite Knockholt Station has reportedly been sold and is understood to have been submitted to SDC for consideration for development for housing. Whilst this site is not in Badgers Mount Parish, any development will significantly affect us. Our Parish Council (PC) is talking to Halstead PC, and SDC should announce their proposals for consultation sometime this Summer.

Jenkins Neck Woods
This is the area of woodland between the M25 Motorway and the fields to the East of Highland Road. SDC propose to sell this area off in order to maximise the return on their assets. The Residents Association believes that this woodland provides a barrier to noise and pollution from the M25 and should desirably be retained as it is; however, the asking price appears to be unaffordable by our community. The PC has written formally to SDC and we understand that their position will be set out in the next Parish Newsletter.


The Care Home Site Cabins have been positioned with the agreement of Kent Highways Department, although you might wonder about their map-reading skills given that they block crucial lines of sight for pedestrians crossing the Orpington Bypass from the direction of Old London Road.

The safest course is to use the road island near Christie’s Avenue when crossing the road. A few years ago, there was a fatal accident near here due to blocked lines of sight; let’s not suffer another casualty.
Parents – perhaps you could persuade your school buses to pick up and drop off further South along the road towards Sevenoaks in order to avoid children being tempted to cross at the Care Home site.


The Queen's Highway or Not? There is a belief by some residents in Badgers Mount that the people who live 'On the Mount' ie in Badgers Road, Johnsons Avenue, Highland Road and Milton Avenue are somehow - the words sometimes heard are - "privileged and living in a Farnborough Park".

Yes we are privileged, but all of Badgers Mount residents are privileged as we all live in a beautiful Hamlet.

The only difference between the residents is that the upper roads are narrow with very limited on road parking and the residents have to maintain the grass verges and pay for the upkeep of the road surfaces themselves. There is no council tax reduction for this. It could be said they pay more for less, but we all live in a great place, Badgers Mount.

Unfortunately, as we've mentioned before, with regard to roads there is a continual and ever growing problem of on-road car and van parking, together with increased heavy goods traffic. We would therefore repeat our request that wherever possible, could all residents please park your vehicles within your property and not on the roads and that where this is not possible, could we ask you to please take care where you park, ie avoid parking opposite or across neighbour's driveways, close to junctions and in the case of Old London Road, and Orpington By Pass on the pavements or grass verges.

For residents undertaking any building works, wherever possible, all workforce vans and trucks should be parked within the property curtilage and for those living on the upper roads, could we ask that you and your contractors request deliveries be made in smaller vehicles. Most merchants and supply companies operate alternative size vehicles. Small is good. The manoeuvring of the very large and long vehicles on the upper roads is causing damage to the road surfaces and invariably the grass verges as well. The offending trucks then just drive away leaving the bill for the repair and maintenance of their damage to be picked up by all the contributing residents to the Road Maintenance Fund.

Badgers Mount is a beautiful place to live; let's hope we can all help to keep it so.


The BMRA representative and a resident continue to meet regularly with both the site and management personnel to discuss any local issues or concerns raised by residents concerning FM Conway operations

We would remind all residents that in accordance with Health and Safety rules, FM Conway will not tolerate any of their staff making any loud noises (eg tailgate banging). So if you hear these, please inform the BMRA with the date and time.


Defibrillator. The PC has recently purchased a defibrillator which is kept in a cabinet by the Memorial Hall entrance. It is available in emergency by dialling 999; the operator will provide the key code to open the cabinet. An Awareness afternoon has been organised for Saturday February 3rd; see page 3 for details.

Parish Councillor Vacancy. Following a recent resignation, there will be an election for the resulting vacancy. It is understood that formal notice will be posted by January 18th; potential candidates then have until January 26th to submit their candidature to the Returning Officer at SDC and the election will be held on Thursday February 22nd. If only 1 candidate appears, they will be deemed to be elected without an election.

Parish Council Clerk. The Parish Council Clerk has recently resigned. The full vacancy details will be published soon. The post is paid and mentoring can be organised for inexperienced applicants.


The footpath up Wheatsheaf Hill has had to be diverted at its upper (Roundabout) end. A revised map is on the last page of this Newsletter.


BMRA subscriptions are now due and Committee members will be calling to collect them whilst they deliver your Newsletter. Your subscription also includes the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. There has been no increase – single occupancy dwellings are £2, otherwise £4 per dwelling.


Congratulations to Zena for a very successful wine-tasting evening last November. 24 people tasted 12 different wines in 4 categories with amusing and entertaining facts being bandied about.


Badgers Mount Women's Institute (WI) Invite you to join them for a friendly afternoon with interesting speakers and always tea and cakes. Meetings are held in the Badgers Mount Memorial Hall on the second Wednesday of every month at 2pm. We offer a warm welcome to new members and visitors. We also meet for Knit and Natter at 2pm on the last Wednesday of the month at the Memorial Hall.

2018 WI Programme
14 February. Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Villages - Lesley Broster
11 March. Working in Wardrobe - Sheila Farmer
11 April. Medical Detection Dogs - Sharon Lynn
9 May. Annual Meeting
13 June. Garden Outing
11 July. It’s Your Duty to be Beautiful - Anna Astin
8 August. In-house
12 September. Silks and Cottons of India - Julia Davies
10 October. ‘Shhhh It’s a Secret’ - Rod Leeming
14 November. Seasonal Flower Arranging - Maureen Evans
12 December. Christmas Celebrations

Contact: Liz Drysdale (01689 853865) or Lesley Salmon

Defibrillator Awareness afternoon
Saturday February 3rd, 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Badgers Mount Memorial Hall

If your heart stops beating, you have only a few minutes before oxygen starvation turns your brain into a vegetable or you die. A defibrillator is designed to re-start a stopped heart. You have probably seen it used in medical dramas where a medic applies a couple of paddles to the casualty and shouts ‘Clear!’

The defibrillator we now have is a fool-proof device for use by untrained people. It provides instructions for use, but prior knowledge and awareness of the device will minimise confusion and delay if you ever have to use it ‘for real’. It will only give a shock to the patient if it is necessary. Our Parish Council have bought one and it has been installed in a weatherproof cabinet outside the front door of the Memorial Hall. We will be holding a first aid awareness event to introduce you to the defibrillator, and other light-hearted first aid type activities. Soup and a roll will be available at a nominal cost and this event will be suitable for all the family.

If there are any qualified first aiders who would like to help run this event please contact Zena on 01959534566 or via email at or Dave Woledge at


Wheatsheaf Hill Footpath
Wheatsheaf Hill Footpath


Full contact details on the BMRA Committee page.


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