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CRIME update

A recent break-in via a back door in a house in Badgers Road has been reported.
Residents are advised to be on their guard and report any suspicious activities.
Local Police contacts and links can be found here.


BMRA Newsletter - February 2015

There have been a number of properties changing hands in Badgers Mount since our last newsletter and we welcome all new residents. We hope you find our newsletters informative and useful. If there is anything that you wish to know about Badgers Mount, please get in touch or visit where a wealth of information about the community is available
Following the submission of the request for safety improvements on our main roads in 2012, some of the works requested have been implemented but others are still outstanding.
So far KCC have lowered the speed limit on the Orpington Bypass, foliage has been cut back on the verge, particularly at the Highland Road junction, to improve sight lines and a pedestrian crossing island has been installed on Old London Road, which we have been told has been well used since it was put there. The island we asked for on the Orpington Bypass will have to wait for another financial year as more extensive works will be required.
A meeting was held recently with KCC to agree positions for the village gates. They will replace the existing village name boards at each end of the Orpington Bypass and near Badgers Rise on Old London Road. There was some discussion over whether there will be one or two at each end and either side of the Orpington Bypass. KCC had only allowed for one in their costings, but we are pushing for two. It is hoped the first three will be installed before the end of this financial year, but the other two will be come out of next years budget. The roundels on the road surface reminding drivers of the 50 mph limit should also be done this year.
Proposed redevelopment

We understand that F M Conway’s planning consultant has had a preliminary meeting with planners at SDC concerning the suggested housing development on the site. They were asked to return with a more definite proposal covering such items as number of houses, parking arrangements etc. SDC apparently expressed satisfaction with Peter Brett Associates decision to
engage with residents at a very early stage, and furthermore welcomed their intention to continue to do so as they work up their detailed plans. We continue to monitor this.
Local liaison
Representatives of the BMRA and local residents continue to meet regularly with both local depot and head office staff of F M Conway. The meetings are proving worthwhile and helpful to both parties. The main objective remains to be to minimise their impact in relation to night time noise and the local residents.
They have already repositioned a number of materials used for night time working within the site to areas farthest from dwellings. They have also created additional working noise deflecting bunds in order to reduce further noise escaping from the site. This has not yet been totally completed, and in our next depot visit we will be walking the inner woodland perimeter fence with their staff to help identify any potential offending gaps in relation to resident location.
We have investigated with them 3 allegations of their vehicles leaving debris on the Orpington Bypass, 2 of which they were able to prove as being highly unlikely as being from their vehicles. The third was a plastic sign blown off the side of a container and they immediately reported this as a “Near Miss Incident” and subsequently all such fixtures have been checked to prevent further mishap.
Limited maintenance work with woodland coppicing will continue, but will be reduced to only dealing with diseased and dangerous trees as decided by Tree Craft and F M Conway Estates Manager.
There have been one or two complaints regarding vehicles parking in Shacklands Road, these unfortunate incidents are where drivers had been misinformed and arrived at the wrong depot. No others have so far been reported.
Should any resident have any concerns regarding noise issues at the depot, please either contact F M Conway direct or contact BMRA and will be discussed when we meet with them.
The role of the Working Group set up to prepare for the new Parish Council is drawing to a close. The new Parish Council will become effective immediately after the elections on 7th May 2015. At least 5 residents need to be nominated for election as the inaugural Parish Councillors.
The Shoreham Post, delivered with this newsletter, has a lengthy article on the BMPC. It includes sources of information for those interested in becoming Councillors and details of an event being hosted by the Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC) for this purpose on Friday, 13th March 2015 from 6.30 pm onwards at the Sevenoaks Community Centre, Bat & Ball, Cramptons Road, Sevenoaks, TN14 5DN. Application forms will be available in March from the SDC Offices in Argyle Road, Sevenoaks. You can apply for these by phone, email or post if you are intending to stand. If you are considering standing for election, please be aware that BMPC meetings can only take place on Thursday evenings in the Memorial Hall due to other longstanding bookings on other evenings of the week.
Our 3 current SPC Councillors Roy Blamey, Sue Wyatt and Noel Wills (see back page of Shoreham Post for contact details) are more than happy to provide information about their roles. A leaflet on ‘Being a Local Councillor’ is also available from them or by contacting the Residents Association/Working Party Secretary on the email address given above. If you are interested in your community and would be happy to represent the views of local people then YOUR NEW PARISH COUNCIL NEEDS YOU!!
We have been asked to deliver the enclosed flyer by the Action Group opposing the proposed operational changes at Biggin Hill. Full details of the consultation are available on the Bromley Council website.
Carols evening
The carols evening was enjoyed by the 21 people who attended. As we didn’t have a pianist this year, we sang to recordings of carols performed by choirs or individual artists.
Soup & a Roll evening
Thank you to the 13 people who supported this event. It was a great opportunity to catch up on village news and enjoy steaming bowls of homemade minestrone, leek & potato and carrot & coriander soup, all 3 sampled by some! We hope that next time a few more will come and join us.
Future events
Delivered with this newsletter, is another reminder of planned events over the next 3 months. For more information on all of these, contact Zena on 01959 534566 or email
Crematoria Update
The appeal against refusal of the application for a crematorium at Oak Tree Farm was allowed.
The Watercrofts Woods application has recently been refused. They still have permission for a chapel and burial ground.
Despite our previous request the number of bags of dog waste being tied to branches or fences along roads and footpaths, put in the salt bins or even dropped over a fence into other residents’ gardens continues. There is also a considerable amount of excrement left on footpaths and roads. There are five strategically positioned dog waste bins in Badgers Mount which are there for your use. PLEASE CLEAR UP AFTER YOUR DOG AND USE THE BINS as it is not nice for others to have to clear away your bags of dog waste.
There have been a number of complaints of general litter being dropped around roads and footpaths. This is mostly fast food packaging, drinks bottles and cans etc., but also other items such as cigarette packets. Please TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME and put it in your own rubbish sacks.
28.02.15 – Quiz Night in the Memorial Hall.
13.03.15 – Meeting for prospective Councillors.
31.03 – 09.04.15 – Nomination period for proposed Councillors.
01.04.15 – Commencement of the new Parish Council.
02.04.15 – Memorial Hall AGM
18.04.15* – Bulky refuse freighter at Badgers Road. *This has been rescheduled for the 25th April.
18.04.15 – Easter Egg Hunt starting in Johnsons Avenue.
07.05.15 – Election Day.
14.05.15 – First public meeting of the BMPC.
21.05.15 – Annual General Meeting of the BMRA.
06.06.15 – Treasure Hunt starting at the Memorial Hall.



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