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APRIL 2016
There are approx. 4 newsletters published each year.


 BluebellsBMRA Newsletter - April 2016

At last the cold and rain are easing up and Spring is starting. The bluebells are coming out in the local woods – make the time to go and look as they are usually stunning, particularly in Andrews Wood across the M25 motorway.



7:30 pm for 8:00 pm start

The Residents Association will be holding its Annual General Meeting in the Memorial Hall on Thursday May 12th from 7:30 pm for an 8:00 pm start. Wine, soft drinks and nibbles will be provided. The outline agenda is attached. Please let the secretary know of any additional points you wish to raise. Are there any volunteers for the committee? Nominations can be made in advance through the secretary, or can be made at the meeting.
Christine Donovan. Secretary 534293
Lyndhurst, Badgers Road


Many people are out and about in their gardens – good exercise, good for the mind and you might even grow some vegetables. Some general points to minimise clashes:

BonfiresBonfires – please don’t light them such that they spoil a neighbour’s washing or barbeque, or allow thick smoke to obscure a road. We won’t be giving any prizes but the police might if an accident occurs…

Garden waste – We live in a forested area with a significant build-up of potential fuel for wildfires. So far we have been lucky (and had a couple of wet summers) but Ide Hill had a scary near miss fire a few years ago. Don’t dump garden rubbish over the back fence, it will become a potential fire hazard and you could be prosecuted for fly-tipping. Far better, take it – Dog waste binand any other waste – to the Sevenoaks Dunbrik disposal site which is a mile or so to the West of Sevenoaks on the A25, opposite a garden centre. Its open 7 days a week and free to non-tradesmen. The gentlemen there are very helpful; note that there is a vehicle height limit of around 6 feet so most SUVs/4x4s should be OK but not Transit type vans. They can only take small trailers so leave the artic lorry at home.

Dog waste bins – a resident was recently seen dumping some unidentifiable but noxious stuff by a bin. These bins are for dog waste only and the contractors do not take general waste. If you want to leave bagged dog waste for collection, please label it ‘Dog waste’ so there is no mistake.


ParkingWe have a number of residents who need mobility aids or who are pushing push-chairs. For their sakes, could you all avoid parking on the path? This equally applies to other forms of blocking such as building supplies.

Horses: Please be aware that some horses have been ridden dangerously on our roads. There was a recent near miss when horses were cantering up Milton Avenue and nearly collided with a resident tending their garden. The residents involved are raising the problem with our PCSO.

If you have any contact with local stables or riders who frequent our neighbourhood, please impress on them the dangers of fast movement on narrow roads where small children may run out or dogs may spook horses. Of course, this applies to car drivers as well!

Note that only Badgers Road is classified as a Bridleway i.e. for horse use.


Please don’t leave rubbish on the verge for a significant period of time. One lot of dumped rubbish attracts additional dumping and we already have a major fly-tipping problem on the smaller roads. If you see fly-tipping in progress, ring the police on 101 and tell them where it is, if possible the registration number or other identification marks such as sign-writing on the sides, the type (e.g. van, estate car), colour, make and model if known.


Elite Motors, Orpington Bypass : The most significant planning application in Badgers Mount for a few years has just been submitted to Sevenoaks District Council (SDC). It is for the replacement of the Elite Motors garage, car sales and car wash with a 60 bed elderly nursing home. The proposed building will be of similar height to the existing garage but built of brick with a tiled roof. The proposers held a consultation display on 24th March in the Memorial Hall, and following comments made they have amended the design to provide 2 more car parking spaces and reduce the bulk of the building and its impact on neighbours. This site has been in SDC's long term development plan for residential use for some years, and this proposal will also provide employment.

Shepherds Green, Highland Road : An application has been submitted for the replacement of the present roof comprising two pitched roof areas and two flat roofs with a unified pitched roof over the whole bungalow, together with internal alterations to bring it up to modern standards.

There have also been a few applications for small extensions which do not affect the appearance of properties from the roads.


Have you had problems with deliveries? We know that a lot of drivers have trouble in finding houses in our quirky neighbourhood. It’s useful to ensure that your house name/number is visible from the road. The BMRA website has a house location page.

Could you also spend a few moments checking out your letter-box? Some are so low that people have to get on their knees to put anything in, and others have such stiff draught excluders that it is very difficult to deliver anything, such as this newsletter, without screwing it up!


Did you know Badgers Mount has a milkman? They even deliver other essentials such as bread and eggs all before 5am! For more information go to or call 0345 606 3606.


Instead of PCSOs holding surgeries in the village halls etc., the police are now having contact points at various locations throughout their area. Our local one is at Polhill Garden Centre. This is listed on the Police website as a "Mobile Police Station", but usually consists of a PCSO (not necessarily our own) sitting in a large marked van in the car park. The current schedule is for visits on alternate Wednesdays between 12.00 and 1.00 pm, the next dates being 4th and 18th May. When visited recently, the PCSO was very lonely and said that she rarely has anyone speak to her. How about popping in and making a PCSO’s day, particularly if you have any worries.


The BMRA representative and a resident continue to meet regularly with both the site and management personnel to discuss any local issues or concerns raised by residents concerning FM Conway operations.

Day Time Noise from the Site - A resident raised this issue in relation to loud banging on the 11 Feb 2016. Upon investigation it was identified to be when they were lifting and loading "portacabins" onto low loaders and the noise was caused by the chains clanging with the load during the lift. They have now set in place actions to avoid this reoccurring.

Parking in Shacklands Road - Procedures are in place where it should not be necessary for any Conway vehicle to park or wait in Shacklands Road. However, this problem was caused mainly by Polhill Garden Centre showing the post code of the F M Conway site on their web site instead of their own, resulting in some Polhill deliveries waiting for the ‘Back Gate’ to open which, of course, is not in operation. This has now been resolved by the Garden Centre

We would remind all residents FM Conway will not tolerate loud bangs (tailgate banging) under Health and Safety rules. So if you hear these, please inform the BMRA with the date and time.


Quiz night March 5th: 6 teams had a very enjoyable contest. It was a great night with a lovely ploughman’s and the competition was tight with 3 possible winners as we went into the final round. The winning team was the longstanding runners up Bitter and Twisted!

Easter egg hunt 2nd April : The sun shone and 15 children searched around Badgers Mount looking for pictures of eggs and a variety of questions to answers. All the families that came along had an enjoyable hour or so with their children fully engaged running from egg to egg, although some parents were stuck when it came to the harder questions! All children returned safely and were rewarded with a prize.


Walking Treasure Hunt SATURDAY 18th June start 2pm at Badgers Mount Memorial Hall.
We are now looking forward to the walking treasure hunt for all ages, a planned walk around Badgers Mount, with an option to do half the route. Along the way you will be asked to look for clues, answer puzzling riddles about your surroundings and be very observant. There will be suitable activities for the younger children as well as the very competitive adults!
We start at the village hall at 2pm and on return there will be tea and cake.
Residents are welcome to join us just for the tea and cake, and to see the teams as they return. Donation towards the refreshments on the day and any cakes will also be welcomed.

Events co-ordinator Zena Belton

Badgers Mount Ramblers!
1st Sunday of the month meet at the hall at 10 o’clock

Badgers Mount Residents Association Annual Garden Party
from 2 pm on SATURDAY 9th July 2016

An enjoyable afternoon for all the family in the garden of Dr Mary Bliss. It is taking place at Oaklea; turn Left at the top of Badgers Road and Oaklea is on the Right just before entering the woods.

There is a rambling garden to explore, lots of swings, a lawn for playing croquet or simply kicking a ball about, and a tennis court for practising your serve or seeing who can produce the longest rallies.

There will be a marquee tent in case of rain and Children are very welcome.

Tea, coffee and drinks for children will be provided over the afternoon. If you are able to bring a cake or savoury snack it would be very much appreciated.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Please send enquiries to Christiane Ohland:


Refreshments and nibbles available from 7:30 pm


(1) Apologies for absence.

(2) Minutes of the 51st Annual General Meeting held on Thursday, 21st May 2015 to be agreed. Minutes are available on the BMRA website and some hard copies will be available for study before the meeting.

(3) Matters arising from the minutes and not covered elsewhere.

(4) Presentation of the Chairman’s Report including.

a. Report on FM Conway Ltd matters (Trevor Simmons).
b. Report on Planning matters (Gordon Plumb).
c. Report on Entertainment matters (Zena Belton).

(5) Presentation of the Accounts, Treasurer’s Report and appointment of the Auditor.

(6) Discussion of and voting on a Proposal concerning the F M Conway Fighting Fund from the outgoing committee as follows:

’Individual donors may apply to the Secretary in writing before the 30th September 2016, should they wish the unspent portion of their personal donation be refunded on the pro rata calculation of 36.2p for every donated. After the 30th September 2016 any residual monies left in the site specific Conway Fighting Fund shall be renamed ‘The Community Protection Fund’ with the wider remit to oppose all unacceptable developments within the community'.

(7) Appointment of the Committee:

Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and minimum of 4 members.

(8) Any Other business.



Full contact details on the BMRA Committee page.

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