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BMRA Introduction
We would like to welcome you to Badgers Mount.

The primary objectives of the Association are to promote social activities and to protect the environment and way of life of the residents of Badgers Mount, Sevenoaks, Kent.

Membership of the Association is open to all residents of Badgers Mount for a small annual subscription, currently £2 per adult, maximum £4 per house, and all residents are welcome to become active members of the community.

BMRA contact details can be found here: BMRA Committee

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Welcome message

November 2021

Hello Badgers Mount resident (or someone who has fallen across this page whilst looking for something else!) I am Zena Belton, resident of Badgers Mount for about 25 years and somehow now the Chair person of the Badgers Mount Residence association - a group I have been part of for quite a number of years and something I am quite passionate about.

At the AGM I shared the highlights because yes there were highlights from the past 2 years...

We had papers delivered, prescriptions collected, we clapped, cheered and banged saucepans on Thursdays , we had little litter pickers with certificates , launched a WhatsApp group in case of emergencies and social WhatsApp group to look for lost tortoises and check when is bin day!, we had people follow us on Facebook, we celebrated VE day with distant street parties, we had Beer deliveries, ice cream van round, footpath tidy, we collected fish and chips, enjoyed zoom calls, we made phone calls to check in, we even had an isolating mouse, we listened to other people’s outdoor parties with some fantastic jazz in an afternoon, we planted sunflowers and I am sure much more.

We didn’t do anything special we didn’t make a fuss we just pulled together and we looked out for each other.

We became a tight little community, and I don’t want to lose that, if there has to be any legacy, any positive any advances from the last 2 years please can we keep all the good that came from some rather tough times. Now that we can stop being socially distant, now that we can meet up let’s not forget what we can do.

The Badgers Mount Residents association are a group of people who care about Badgers Mount, who invest some of their time to support the community we live in.

What do we do? We facilitate the activities that the people of Badgers mount would like to do, we create opportunities for Neighbours to come together, we welcome new people into the village*. We protect what we cherish about our village*, we keep our residents safe, we check that everyone is represented when change is planned this may be a change in a bus route, campaigning to re instate a bus route or a regular train service, we bring a people together to share concerns and become a stronger voice for example large building projects, or road ways, effecting our environment.

So please do join the whatsapp group, do look out for notices about events we are running and do get in touch with ideas of anything you would like to see happen in your community.

*Note I may have taken liberties in calling Badgers Mount a village – so please forgive me!

BMRA/PC Community News - April 2021

This spring newsletter has been jointly created by the Residents' Association and the Parish Council:

Badgers Mount Spring 2021 Community Newsletter PDF File

The message below missed the published newsletter -

Roger and Diana King would like to say a very big thank you to our friends and neighbours at Badgers Mount for all the lovely cards, notes and gifts that we received prior to our move. It's fair to say that we were overwhelmed with your kind words and generosity and will miss you all very much.

BMRA Meetings

The monthly Residents' Association meetings are open to the public.
Committee meetings of the BMRA are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 7:45pm in the Badgers Mount Memorial Hall. All are welcome.

All public committee meetings of the Residents’ Association are postponed until further notice due to the Coronavirus. Your committee will continue to function via telephone and emails, should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact any member. See committee link for contact numbers.
Please stay safe and healthy.

BMRA Newsletters
View the Badgers Mount NEWS ARCHIVE
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Badgers Mount residents & Covid-19

UPDATED: 30th Oct 2020

Are you self-isolating or are you elderly?
Do you need help or know a neighbour who does?

Please call the Badgers Mount Residents' Association.

We are here to help you:
Pick up shopping + Collect medication
Post your mail + Friendly phone chat

Coronavirus is contagious and so we will take every precaution to ensure we spread only kindness.

We will avoid physical contact and wash our hands regularly.
Any items we deliver will be left securely at your door.

Just call a committee member and we'll do our best to help you.

A number of our members are registered with the Sevenoaks District Council official ‘Sevenoaks community volunteer scheme
Our registered members have SCV against their name.

Gill - 01959 534463 [SCV]
Zena - 01959 534566 or 07528 780791 [SCV]
Cathy - 01959 532891 or 07486 398716 [SCV]
Arthur - 01959 535010 or 07885 186385 [SCV]
Gordon - 01959 534279 or 07752 128965
- 01959 534459
Simon - 01959-533807 or 07979 772980
Tracey - 07930 570909
Corrina - 07969 382934

• Every registered volunteer has a 'Community Volunteer' badge issued by Sevenoaks Council. Each badge has a unique identity number and the SDC logo.
• If you want to check that a volunteer is genuine, please call SDC on 01732 227000 and quote the unique badge number
• Do not give your bank card and pin number to anybody
• Do not give cash to a volunteer
• Plan in advance. Many supermarket delivery slots are currently several days or weeks away
• Consider alternatives to supermarkets, such as the local milkman, who can usually deliver groceries, or local food companies that deliver veg or meat boxes
• If you suspect you or someone you know is being targeted by a criminal, contact Action Fraud by calling 03001 232 040

Official NHS Coronavirus home page:
NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and advice
Find out what to do if you think you have symptoms:
NHS 111 Online Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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BMRA Committee
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